Monday, April 18, 2016

Review: His Princess by Abigail Graham

Title: His Princess
Pages: 200+
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services (March 27, 2016)
Source: Purchased
Rating: 4/5


I'm no Cinderella, and he's no Prince Charming...

The Crown Prince took me prisoner. You read that right. Crown Prince. Castle, throne, the whole nine yards. The monarch of a totalitarian regime has me locked up in his fortress, and he demands that I marry him... and provide him with an heir!

Me. The girl from Jersey. Trust me, I'm no princess. He's the last man I'd choose for my prince!

He's an arrogant jerk and has a stick up his... you know where. But that dark hair, those deep blue eyes, those strong arms, those perfect abs, that humongous... sword. I can't stand him, but I can't keep my eyes off him.

I'm not marrying him and I'm definitely not his subject. If he wants me to be his princess, he better treat me like one or he can take his crown and shove it. 

The Beautician and the Beast meets Abigail Graham!

If you know what this BatB is, then we can be friends.

If you don't like stories that involves a prince in a foreign land that kidnaps a beautiful girl for his own personal reasons then this book is not for you. But, if you do like the idea of being at the mercy of a hot prince, then this one is for you!

His Princess was a cliche at it's finest, and I mean that in the best way possible! Everyone loves a princess story but Penny isn't your average girl either. The girl from Jersey was in a forein land trying to do some humanitarian work when she was kidnapped by a murderous man and is rescued by the neighboring prince. But, after hearing the Prince's reputation, Penny isn't exactly sure if her odds are better now in the hands of the prince. After all, Penny just wants to go home but isn't allowed "for her own protection."

Prince Kristoff isn't quite as sweet and unhygienic as the one we all know and love from Frozen. This prince has no family and truly believes that he's ruling his land with his peoples best interests in mind. Penny, the strong willed girl who has no problem talking back to royalty, disagrees. So begins the unlikely love affair.

Both Penny and Kristoff were highly enjoyable characters. I enjoyed reading about them immensely. Penny's back mouth is refreshing both to the reader and I'm sure to Kristoff too. And let's be honest, who doesn't love a alpha male prince.

Warning, spoiler ahead!!

The reason that I did not give this story five out of five stars is because of the ending. No, I love happy endings just as much as everyone else, that's fine. But, the fact that Penny was so in love with the prince as soon as they slept together was a little off for me. At only a little over two hundred pages, that was the perfect time to add a little drama to spice it up.

Note, on Amazon it says 437 pages but there's a bonus book in there.

Okay, that's it guys. All in all, I really had fun with this!


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