Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Review: The Kiss on Castle Road by Lauren Christopher

Pages: 334
Publisher: Montlake Romance (January 1, 2016)
Source: Purchased
Rating: 5/5

Sometimes a secret road can put you on the path for true love...

Natalie has always been the fun Grant Sister: the one with an always packed suitcase and a zest for life. But the carefree existence is wearing on her. When her oldest sister, Olivia, invites her to Lavender Island for three months, Natalie quickly accepts. It's a chance to look after her niece, prove she's not irresponsible, and take a much-needed vacation from men.

But the "mancation" takes an unexpected turn when she spots a group of sick sea lions and calls on the microbiologist Elliott Sherman for help. Elliott is everything Natalie is not- quiet, studious, and geeky. Yet there's a simmering sexiness under those glasses that she's quick to notice. And Elliott finds himself taken by the gorgeous free spirit. Despite their chemistry, outside forces threaten to keep them apart- Including a secret Natalie has never shared. Can the allure of Lavender Island and its quirky residents open her heart an lead her to real love? 

Let's all be honest here for a second. Who doesn't like Alpha males? I know that I do but I also have a soft side for the sexy nerdy type too! 

If you agree with me, then Elliott Sherman is the sexy nerd for you! 

Trying to prove to her family that she can be trusted and reliable, Natalie Grant has agreed to move to Lavender Island to take care of her niece while her sister is on bed rest for the rest of her pregnancy. The "Cool Aunt" that she is, Natalie takes her niece Lily down to the rocks to view some of the sea lions. When the duo sees that the three sea lions are in distress, they run into Dr. Elliott Sherman, who is working with a team of fellow sea creature lovers to rehabilitate the three sea lions. The two seem to spend a lot more time with each other than originally planned when Natalie gets a job at the facility Dr. Elliott works at. Though their attraction is pretty immediate, Natalie vows to stay away. After all, she's on a mancation. 

Natalie is described as a young, beautiful, and has a care free soul. Dr. Elliott is described as a nerd with beautiful eyes and has no luck with girls. After his sister signs him up for dates every day of the week, which all fail, Natalie agrees to coach him in all things women. Like, how to talk to a girl. How to touch a girl. And where to kiss a girl. 

While Natalie is sure she is the opposite of what Elliott needs, someone who will settle down with him while she on the other hand has commitment issues, Elliott seems to think that he's met his match. And so did I, but that's just my two sense. 

Christopher has created such an amazing fictional town in Lavender Island. You're really able to feel that small town vibe in this book and I would be lying if I said that I didn't want to visit the town for myself! Natalie and Elliott are such amazing characters, I had an absolute blast getting to know them! Natalie's carefree nature was always fun to read and I definitely enjoyed getting to see Elliott's awkwardness first handed. Come on, who can resist a cute doctor in glasses?! 

This has been one of my favorite contemporary reads that I've had in a long time. I thought that it was absolutely adorable and I just had a great time reading it. It was such an easy read that I devoured it in one sitting! Christopher makes such likable and relatable characters it's impossible not to fall in love with this island and its residents! This is my first book by Lauren Christopher and I know that I will be looking into more of her books for sure! 

In conclusion, buy this book. Especially since the weather is heating up! Take a trip to the beach, bring this bad boy with you, and wish that you had a Dr. Elliott Sherman in your life. I know that I am. 


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